How the Right Way to Finance Your Auto Could Save You Massive Money

Which Could Equal Up to Nearly A Million Dollars Over the Course of Your Lifetime!

People spend days, weeks, even months researching, test driving and deciding on just the right car, but when it comes to the most important thing – the financing – they barely give it a second thought.

When it comes to financing a car, most people focus on only two things:

* Price
* Interest Rate

But even if you get a car loan at just 8.5% APR, 25% of your car payments will still go to interest!  When you consider the number of cars you will purchase in a lifetime…that’s a TON of money!  In fact, it could easily average out to hundreds of thousands of dollars you will lose over the course of your life – and never see a single penny in return benefit.

But when you are your own banker – through the Infinite Banking System – you are the only owner of your own bank and all your money comes right back to you.  Money that would normally have gone straight back to the bank or financing company.

It’s financial freedom at it’s best, and it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your money.

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