Debt Elimination Materials

Please download and listen to this National radio interview that helps explain how to become debt-free.  

Link here

We have also produced a short webinar that explains how you can get completely out of debt in nine years or less.

Watch it here.

And if you haven't already, please download and read "The Ten Money Principles".  Or share it with someone you know.

Download here.

Take The First Step To Eliminating Debt

After you have read/listened/watched the information above, please download the Debt Elimination Report Questionnaire.

Download here.

This financial information you provide is used to create your Debt Report and does not require any confidential details or account numbers. The questionnaire is in PDF format. You may fill in the information using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and return it to us via e-mail at the address below.

Or you can print it out and fax it to 817-249-8203

If you prefer, you may schedule your free thirty minute consultation prior to submitting the questionnaire.

Schedule here.

If you wish to contact us directly, please call us at 817-249-8200
(9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST Monday – Friday).

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