Permanent Life Insurance

The Swiss Army Knife of Financial Vehicles

Find out of this ‘Wonder Tool” can really work for you!

There are tons of financial vehicles where you can store your money and build your wealth. Each of them with their own pros and cons to consider.

But imagine for a moment that you could create the ideal financial instrument – what would it look like? What characteristics would it need to have in order to suit you perfectly?You might want it to have some of these characteristics:

* Ability to access your cash anytime without penalties or having to ‘qualify’ for it
*  Generate a positive return
*  Access the growth on your money without having to pay taxes on the increase
*  Use your money as collateral to secure a loan
*  Protect your money from creditors and judgments
*  Bypass the probate process by going directly to your beneficiaries
*  Leave a legacy for your loved ones
*  Continue to contribute to your account should you become disabled and can no longer work

But is there really such a wonderful thing as this?  Find out here…

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