Telemedicine – The Future Of Healthcare

It’s a sad fact that tens of millions of Americans are currently uninsured, as they can no longer afford even minimal coverage.  

And those lucky enough to have even a basic policy, face skyrocketing premiums, large deductibles and high up-front fees, as a record number of employers are chopping health benefits during this tough economy.

Here’s some sobering data about the state of healthcare in the USA today.


  • Over 50 million people are currently without any health coverage.
  • Millions and millions more each year are losing their health benefits.
  • Over 70 million people in rural areas have no access to primary care.
  • Almost 1/3 of all Americans delay seeking medical treatment.
  • Primarily due to high cost and considerable inconvenience.
  • Many wait until they are forced to visit the ER or an Urgent Care center.

So what’s the answer… wait for the politicians to come up with some sort consensus agreement on a national healthcare plan?

No, there’s actually a much better alternative called Telemedicine from CADRPlus.

Based on new technology, you can now have immediate access to an entire network of board-certified doctors for just a few pennies per day!

Even better, we provide this quality medical care right from the comfort of your own home. No more waiting days to get an appointment or hours before you finally see a doctor.

Yes, that’s right. Receive affordable medical advice and treatment without ever having to step out the door. From your home, the office, or even when traveling.

In fact, statistics have consistently shown that approximately 70% of all doctor’s office visits are not even necessary!

Making it crystal clear why Telehealth and CADRPlus is the future of medicine…

  • Now ANYONE can have access to board-certified doctors.
  • No insurance or health plan needed!
  • National network of licensed U.S. physicians and pediatricians.
  • NO CO-PAYS or DEDUCTIBLES to meet!
  • Our physicians can consult, diagnose, treat, write prescriptions and order labs.
  • Confer with your doctor via webcam, phone or secure e-mail.
  • Members enjoy unlimited real-time, immediate interaction.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • Speak to a doctor within 30 minutes or less.
  • 90% plus member satisfaction rating.

To learn more about the advantages of CADRPlus and Physicians On Demand… please click here.

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