Rates of Return

Don’t Get Trapped Into Thinking That the ‘Rate of Return’ is the Most Important Thing…It’s not!  And if you fall in that trap, you could waste hundreds of thousands of dollars!

We’ve been taught that the ‘rate of return’ is the most important thing to consider when comparing different investment alternatives.  But contrary to popular belief, that’s not the only thing you should compare.

In fact, focusing on the rate of return only limits your ability to see the whole picture and make a much more educated and informed decision – that one that will suit you best.

Some questions you’ll need answers to before you can make a proper decision are:

*  Can you access your money anytime you need to, without penalties?
*  Is your money safe?How will your money be taxed?
*  Which alternative will net the biggest return in the end?

Don’t let your limited thinking talk you into making a bad decision that will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and bring you nothing but regret and heartache.

Learn how to avoid this, below…

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